We’re Costuming “Fragments From Olympus”!

We at Antique Costumes & Props have costumed the trailer, and are preparing to costume the upcoming film “Fragments From Olympus: The Vision Of Nikola Tesla“. This is being filmed right here on Long Island!  To watch the trailer, click the image below:

The film’s setting is the late 1800’s to 1942, and has been costumed by us for the era.  It’s an enormous undertaking, and the film’s purpose is to raise awareness of Tesla’s contributions to science and technology, and also, to help save Wardenclyffe, his lab, (designed by architect Stanford White), which is in danger of being demolished.

This is just another example of how Antique Costumes and Props can provide you with all the costumes of history!

For more information on the film:

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