Newsday LI Life: Civil War Salutes

Newsday LI Life Sunday April 5, 2015: Civil War Salutes CoverApril 5, 2015 – Our costumes appeared on the cover of the LI Life section of Newsday and Antique Costumes and Props by Nan was mentioned for our help in costuming educational events marking the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.

We were pleased to assist Librarian Jim Ward with costumes for his presentations at the Middle Country Public Libraries and Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton! Jim will be appearing as General Ulysses S. Grant alongside Steven DeFriest as General Robert E. Lee on April 9th, and as President Abraham Lincoln on April 13 and 14. Check out our Upcoming Events page for the details!

The author of the Newsday article, Bill Bleyer, has also co-written a book with Harrison Hunt about Long Island and the Civil War: Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties During the War Between the States, and will be having an open-to-the-public book discussion on Thursday, April 9 at 7pm at Cold Spring Harbor Library and Sunday, April 12th at 2pm at the Long Island Museum.

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