Terms & Conditions

The shop is open daily 9 to 5, by appointment only. Appointments which last longer than one hour are considered consultations, for which a fee is charged. Appointments are available on the weekend if absolutely necessary.

It is recommended that you view our gallery before making an appointment so you are familiar with our inventory and relevant items can be discussed and prepared prior to your arrival.

Rental Period
The standard rental period is three days: a day for pickup, a day for use, and a day to return. Additional time may be granted upon request. If items are not returned on time as agreed, a late fee will be determined and deducted from the deposit.

Deposit & Rental Fee
Before you try on a costume, you are quoted a rental fee which includes most accessories and alterations. This fee varies on a case-by case basis and is based on the value of the items and any extra work required. Special rates are given to clients renting more than 12 costumes.

Once you have committed to your selection, you must leave a modest security deposit to reserve your chosen items and to allow completion of any required alterations or adjustments. If the order is cancelled, the deposit is considered a “kill fee”.

The rental fee is paid at the time of pickup. Security deposits will be returned to you upon return of the items, once the itemized list is reviewed to verify all pieces are accounted for and in satisfactory condition– Fair wear and tear is expected, “use but not abuse”.

All clients are charged sales tax unless they provide a valid tax exempt certificate for our records.

Pickup & Return of Items
Orders are picked up by appointment. When the order is picked up, you are asked to check it carefully and thoroughly to make sure that you are receiving everything you requested and you are satisfied with the condition of the items. An itemized list will be made and you will receive a duplicate copy.

Occasionally an order may be shipped at your expense, which includes postage and handling. We are willing to ship to other states. Items may be returned in person or shipped via UPS or FedEx.

Payment can be made by personal check, business check, or cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

Your satisfaction is very important to us– if you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

Other Rental Topics

Accessories truly make the costume. Feel free to ask for assistance in accessorizing your existing garments. We have a wide variety of shoes and boots, hats, jewelry, coats and jackets, shawls and capes, and much more that is likely to be ideal for your needs.

Theatrical productions are a specialty which has included all the major musicals and the most popular school shows (view the theatrical portion of our gallery).

Rental of items for theatrical productions differs from our standard rental terms as follows:

After the costumes and/or props have been selected, they may be picked up in time for two dress rehearsals & the run of the show. An agreed-upon security deposit is expected at this time. Costumes and props must be returned no later than 2-3 days after the show ends. Exceptions may be arranged upon request. The rental payment should be paid upon return of the items, at which time the security deposit will be returned.

New York State tax must be paid unless your organization provides a tax-exempt certificate and number.

You may alter the costumes with sewing or taping but cutting, hot glue and/or stapling is unacceptable. If an item has a wardrobe malfunction during a show, replacements can be made upon request.

Fashion Shows
Over the years, we have assisted with many fashion shows for both children and adults, for fundraisers, historical societies, bridal shows, and other events. You may present your own fashion show by collecting as many historic garments as possible and renting from our inventory to fill in the areas that you cannot supply.

We have costumed many young men and women for their prom– No matter how many prom attendees we do for a particular school, we promise to give everyone a unique look. In addition to gowns, we also supply all the underpinnings and accessories, including slips, tiaras, gloves, and jewelry. If after viewing our collection, they do not find the gown of their dreams, if they produce a photo or sketch, we can possibly help to create a gown. However, we never sell the items.

Theme Parties
When a client comes to us for a theme party, we request they let us know the host so that we can be certain to avoid duplication.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We understand that clients may prefer to be discreet about renting designer clothes, costumes, and other items for various reasons. We respect your privacy and keep the details of your business in confidence. We love to see event photos (if there are any) but will only repost them with permission.

Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: http://antiquecostumes.com/faq/